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Pneumatic Cooking by J3FF97

Adds cooking with Pneumatics, addon to PneumaticCraft

PneumaticCompressing by hedgehogpie12

An addon for PneumaticCraft that adds new recipes and items etc.

PneumaticCraft by MineMaarten

A technical mod all about pneumatics!

PneumaticCraft by MineMaarten

A technical mod all about pneumatics!


PneumaticCraft Popcorn by J3FF97

Adds Popcorn to Minecraft, addon to PneumaticCraft

PneumaticCrap by MineMaarten, AnodeCathode

High pressure version of the PneumaticCraft Gas Lift


Pneumaticraft adds a bunch of new Blocks, Items and other Stuff!

Pocket Angel by Wixey99

Adds a pocket angel, and a pocket devil. The first cancels negative status effects, and the second positive.

Pocket Apocalypse Mod by Enderman_of_D00M

Create your own custom apocalypse for any hostile mob, from Zombies to Withers!

Pocket Blocks by Drullkus

Pocket Blocks!

Pocket Dimension by Nokiyen

adds a tiny tiny dimension.

Pocket Nether Mod by Kandivia

Never Venture to the Nether Again!

Pocket Tools by Calemi, Kryto627

Tired of your tools taking up your inventory space? Then this is the mod for you! Pocket Tools adds 5 different multi-tool items. All in one convenient spot!

PocketBags by copygirl

Minecraft mod which adds bags that store items.

Pocky by sora_suke



Podorojnik [for iTerr]