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Peachy by elucent

Adds peaches.

PeanutsAndStuff by Mj11jM, Gigabit101

Pearcel Mod

A mod by me, MiningMark48, that adds pear-cel related stuff. They're pear-cels not pears! I guess you can say this was made for Parcel31u...

Pearl Block by Cordie, MCreator

Adds Pearl Block


Travel to a whole new dimension, Pearl Caves! Beat the boss and get the ultimate weapon!

Peck Mod by peck

This is Peck first Mod

Peckish by InsomniaKitten

Pecunia by Arfink

A simple craftable coinage mod

Pedalo Mod by Pavocado

A novelty mod that adds paddle-boats into your world.

Pedestal Crafting by Axieum

Provides crafting capabilities through the use of pedestals

PedoEden by TheElephant

This Mod Will Guide You Through The Darkest Places In Eden's Mind


This is an example mod


PeedyGuiMod for Minecraft 1.7.10-A GUI Based Mod1

PeelCleaver by Schr0