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Potion Mixer by TheLoneDevil<The_Lone_Devil>

A way to mix potions

Potion Storage by Lothrazar

Adds one simple button that lets you put your active potion effects on hold, and reapply them later. Only works if the effects have over 10 seconds remaining.

Potion of Aiming by jglrxavpok

New potion that enables you to see where you aim!

Potion-Craft by White_Draco

Mix your Potion

PotionCounterMod by Maxwell

PotionIcons by Kashdeya, Darkosto

Removes the Potion Icons in game.


Adicione + Pocoens ao seu minecraft

PotionStacker by yuxuanchiadm

The simple mod let potion stackable

Potions & More!

A new mod that changes Minecraft potions for the better, giving you the ability to change each potion to suit your needs. Also giving the ability to manage and grow your own ingredients to keep your potions topped up.

Pots Viewer by Feavy

[PVP Pots] Mod permettant de voir combien de potions de soin vous et votre adversaires avez utilisées. (Pour les 1v1)

Poultrygeist by FyberOptic

Don't chop the chickens.

PowCraft by 13rett

gives players powers in MC

Power Adapters by Darkhax, Jaredlll08

Allows power to be adapted

Power Apples by Lothrazar

Adds nine apples to the game made of bone, chocolate, diamond, lapis, emerald, netherwart, clownfish, prismarine, and ender pearls. See config file and curseforge post for details. CHANGES FOR 1710 VERSION: -Prismarine apples recipe takes Quartz Block input, since prismarine does not exist -Diamond apple does not provide health boost or saturation -Emerald does not provide absorpt or saturation -Removed bone apple

Power Boxes by Lordmau5

The 'Power Boxes' - Mod. Go check it out yourself ingame.