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Polycraft by Jim McAndrew, Walter Voit, Chris Wahlen



This is an example mod

Poop Mod by Tominator1

This is a mod where You can tak a ****.

PoopCraft by ExampleDude

Example placeholder mod.


This is Soooooo cool!

Poor Metals by Trinsdar

Adds poor variants of vanilla, Base Metals, and Nether Metals ores..

PoorOres by Xexanos

This mod adds poor ores to worldgen.


Popcorn Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10

Popcorn Smelting by Una Thompson (unascribed)

Re-adds popcorn smelting from Indev. Drop an item in fire or lava to smelt it.

PopularMMO's RPG Mod by Endernoobs314owen

An Amazing RPG Mod Based Off Of The Ideas of Pat(PopularMMOs) and 314owen


A mod made for popularmmos


This mod adds in people for adventure maps and such.