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Pesium Mod by petitpain59

Mod pour le serveur pesium.


Bla bla bla

Pet Bat by AtomicStryker

PetBat mod allows you to tame a bat that will accompany you and help you fighting mobs.

mobs survival opensource

Pet Rock by Yunus1903, KakesRevenge, TheKayneGame, manmaed

A Mod about PetRocks --- Coding by Yunus1903, Idea and Textures by TheKayneGame, Textures and Fixing by manmaed, and some more Coding by KakesRevenge!

PetBlocks by Shynixn

PetBlocks is a spigot and sponge plugin to use blocks and custom heads as pets in Minecraft.

PetCo Foods

Mod made for The Cat Project (TCP) in 2014

Petroleum Generator by DrCeph

BC/IC crossover mod. Adds a Petroleum Generator that produces EU directly from Buildcraft Fuel/Oil, based heavily on SirSengir's Forestry BioGenerator.

Pewter by Ejektaflex

Tinkers' Construct Integration Addon

Pfaeff's Mod by Pfaeff, Vazkii

Pfaeff's mod adds 3 new blocks to the game. The Allocator, Light Sensor and Jump Pad. Originally by Pfaeff, ported by Vazkii

Phantasy by Yoh, MCreator

Welcome to folly!!

Phantom Craft 2 by LT_lrsoft

Phantom Craft 2


Phantom Metals

PhaseBlocks by Draco18s

Adds several types of blocks that can be toggled between solid and non-solid.