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PizzaCraft by Tiviacz1337

Mod, which adds pizza to your Minecraft!

PizzaMod by xanplayzgamez and MinecraftWero

A mod that adds edible pizza.


This is pizzarulle


This is an example mod

Pl3xRubies by BillyGalbreath

§c§o§lRubies! :O

Placable Milk by SlimeyFellow, MCreator


Placbo by Sk1er

This mod is not a placebo.

Placeable Gunpowder

This small mod lets you place down gunpowder, which you can ignite with flint and steel.

PlaceableEndCrystals by Virtuoel

A mod that allows End Crystals to be placed anywhere. Placement blacklisting and whitelisting is available in the config.


Place your tools in the world!

Placebo by Shadows_of_Fire

1 library boi

PlaceholderAPI by rojo8399, Wundero

An API for all of your placeholders.

Placement Preview by masa

Shows a preview of the block that will be placed

Placemod by Ternsip

This mod spawns various structures taken from schematics during world generation.


Enter short description here

Plain Blocks by Wavebrother

Just blocks with one color.

Plan by Rsl1122

Player Analytics Plugin by Rsl1122