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Scaffolding by Ferne

Built against Forge

Scaffolding by LogicTechCorp

A mod that implements scaffolding.

Scaling Health

Extra health for players and/or mobs!

Scannable by Sangar

Scan the area for points of interest.

Scanner by Eladkay

Le Scanner.

Scarab's Missing Furniture Mod by ScarabCoder

Adds those little missing blocks to your game! (Credit to MrCrayfish for his tutorials)

Scare by Noppes

Use to scare your friends

Scarper by BinaryCrafter

The mobs have had enough of you attacking them


With the Scenter mod you can easily find nearby ores, like coal, iron, diamond, and more.


§e§oDer erste gute und oeffentliche Schaftimer fuer CW Spieler!

Schematic Meta-Blocks

Tools for making schematics more useful for modders

Schematica by Lunatrius

Import and export Minecraft schematic files in Minecraft!


Schematics by Dom Amato

A simple item for rendering schematics