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Stackable Potions by Dark_Lizzy

Makes potions stackable by condensing them and putting them into more easily carried vials.

Stackable Stews by Dark_Lizzy

Makes Mushroom Stew and Rabbit Stew stackable.

StackerFix by williewillus

Fixes a strange stacking issue in williewillus's modpack

Stackie by Lunatrius

Stack entities into groups to decrease lag.


Stacks on Stacks! by PRIMETOXINZ

A mod that adds ingot piles like those of Terrafirmacraft

Stacksize Mod by wwrpg

Modifies most items to be stackable to 64.


Fun and a Awesome way to have Stacy in your world.

Staff O' Power by CoolioSauce

Stick go boom boom

Staffs by Ptolemy Hill, MCreator

Only adds 1 staff at the moment! More to come.

Stained Clay Bricks by LightningZBolt

Purely astetic and 100% Vanilla.

Stained Ender Tables by EruzaFlow

Adds Stained Ender Tables used for exploration and adventuring.

Stained Quartz

Adds colored versions of all quartz-based blocks