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Simple Beetroot by Lothrazar

Beetroot inspired by MCPE.

Simple Builder by astronomy

Architecture with algorithm in a file.

Simple Chest Locker by lukas2005

Simple mod that allows you to lock your chests!

Simple Chunks by DarkMorford

A simple chunkloader mod.

Simple Clay Bucket by reteo

Adds clay bucket that can hold water, milk, and lava. That is all. This mod was loaded by JMOD

Simple Command Mod by S4ncho, MCreator

xD LoL

Simple Condensers by Lomeli12, GustoniaEagle

Adds simple condensers to EE3.

Simple Corn by Cleverpanda714

Corn like Mojang might make!

Simple Cthon by akkamaddi, Sinhika

Cthon, a Nether ore.

Simple Dimensions by lumien

A simple mod that allows you to create additional dimensions.