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Simple Item Collector Chest by JamDoggie

Adds a chest that can collect items in a 5x5 radius.

Simple Leather by MCOfficer

Smelt Rotten Flesh for Leather. easy.

Simple Machines by WorkShopCraft

Simple machines to help you process ores, cook food etc. This version adds all the oregen.

Simple Math by Yanis48, MCreator

A mathematics and logic mod

Simple Minecraft by castielq

WIP - Simple Minecraft (SMC) is Minecraft Mod that will add Simple but Big stuff to minecraft like new items, armors, weapons, mobs and much more.

Simple Mining Drills by Peridot/MaincrafterDE, MCreator

Adds new Mining drills

Simple Ore Processing by dlevack

Adds Machines for ore processing

Simple Ore Samples by Valerate

Adds ore samples to the world above ore veins

Simple Portables by konwboj

Portable stuff!