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Sk1er Chroma CPS by Sk1er

Shows current CPS, with Chroma

Sk1er Combat Info Mod by Sk1er

Adds a GUI for Hypixel Combat Info.

Sk1er FPS Booster by Sk1er

Enchances core game performance for better FPS

Sk1er Level Head by Sk1er

Display a player's network level above their head

Sk1er Nick Applier by Sk1er, Semx11

Advanced Application of Hypixel nicks

Sk1er Public Mod by Sk1er

The awesome public mod provided by Sk1er

Sk1er Ranked Projectile Mod by Sk1er

Allows you to have the ranked projectiles without unlocking them. Client-side only!

Skelet Dimension by MilchbarHD

Eine Mod für BaastiZockt

Skeleton by Baijson

Baij's library, used as both a library for his mods and modpacks.


Added Skeleton Armor. Use bones to craft them in the traditional way.


Skeletron Added to Teminerraria