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Stats Detector Mod by Foeskes

A simple mod that adds items that allows you to get information about a boss or a mob your fighting.

Stats Keeper by Terrails

Save all the stats!

Statue by gegy1000

Show your Tabula and Qubble models to the world in the form of a block!


Create statues out of various blocks

StatusEffectHUD by bspkrs

StatusEffectHUD is a client mod that shows the player's active potion/buff effects on the HUD.

clientside HUD pvp potion opensource


Simple Sponge plugin extending the status ping API with internal protocol versions

Stealth Blocks Mod by Screenguy

Hide your base and many other things.

StealthCraft by StealthDude21, MCreator

Sharp coal update, plus armor bug prevents dirt armor. crafting bug also revised again.

StealthwareCore by Fearitude

This mod provides various shared features for use in my mods.

Steam Advantage by DrCyano

Add-on mod to Power Advantage that adds steam-powered machines to Minecraft

Steam Age Revolution by warlordjones, SkySom, ProfessorProspector

Steam Age Revolution: Formerly known as Steamcraft2

Steam Engines Mod - Magie Addon by MeisterSkywalker alias SkyProgs, Mantes

Das Addon fügt die magischen Lederrüstungen, Teufelseisen und den magischen Marmor ein.

Steam Motion by jf908

Steam Motion Mod

Steam and Steel by Rorax, ScottKillen

A Minecraft mod about steampunk tech and adventure.