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Single Player Server Shop by Kloud

Example placeholder mod.


This is anSingular mod

Singularities by Shadows_of_Fire

Extreme compression

Sinhika's Bark by Sinhika

Adding harvestable tree bark, tools, and recipes that use it.

Sink or Swim by Alsender

Disables swimming in Minecraft


This is an example mod

SioulMod by SioulZockt, MCreator

Enter short description here

Sips by codewarrior0


Sir's Mod by SirNiloc

Adds 12 ores, 13 armor sets, 12 tool sets, more blocks, and food!

Siren Mod by mcrafter

Sirens galore!

Sirius MC

New blocks, materials, and fuel for your industry.


This is an example mod