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Senitiel Space Marine Mod by Senitiel

Cut spiders to pieces with laser rifle! Melt skeletons with plasma gun! All this while jumping with rocket boots!Harness redstone power and have fun!

Senna's Mod by Senna

Senna's Mod!


Senor mod part 2v0.1.1 snapshot 2-24-2016


This is an example mod

Sensible Crafting by HellerTech

Makes things craftable/uncraftable that Vanilla Minecraft doesn't


This is SEEENT!

Sentek Runic Teleporters by Sen isSaqqara

Simple teleporter constructs by Sen

Sequential Cheeses by miner32203

Want some cheese with that wine?

Serendipity Staff Mod by EnderN3x

My first attempts at a mod.

Serene Seasons by Adubbz, Forstride

Adds seasons with changing colors, temperature shifting, and more!

SerializeMe by Zerthick

Serialize an ItemStack to HOCON!

Serious Vote

This plugin enables server admins to give players rewards for voting for their server.

SeriousCreeper's Crafting Runes by SeriousCreeper

Crafting Materials

SeriousCreepers SR Additions by SeriousCreeper

SeriousCreeper's SR Additions.