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Sumsang by LX_Gaming

Sumsang is in no way affiliated with Samsung.

Sun Dial by draganz

A mod to change the sun

Sun's Son by branquinho_l0j aka ColdFox

Travel to the sun, craft carbon fiber and defeat the boss to come back.

SunStroke by TehNut

Brings out your vampiric side.

Sunburn by WalterWeight

Steve has developed photophobia


Sun Synthesiser

Sunset Staff Mod

Add a Sunset Staff , Sunset Ore and Sunset Gem.


This is an example mod

Suntorch by Jannis234

Torches that light mobs on fire!


Linkseyi's ModMaker

Super Alternative Recipes by Xesaniel

Provides several alternative ways to either enhance crafting recipes or gather normally unobtainable items.

Super Blockies by Antikore, MCreator

Super Blockies is a mod that adds pet blocks that will give you items, status effects etc. when you feed them. There are a lot and all of them are unique. Discover all of them and find their origin, go to the past when they lived and find for yourself what killed them! Prepare you for a new journey!

Super Blocks 'n Buckets by The_Wabbit

Fit much more stuff in much less space! Store 64 blocks as one superblock. Fit 15 buckets into a BIG bucket! Compact 100's of items into packed items.

Super Craft by Iron_Elliot, MCreator

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