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i hope you guys injoy my fisrt mod


Bald zu finden unter! Dieser Mod hilft dir im Survival

SurvivalModpackManager by Darkyoooooo


Craft spawners in survival !

Survivalist by gigaherz

The toolkit for the rustic adventurer.

Survivalist Lighting by Wolfie_Waffle

Makes light more of a limited resource.

Survivalist's Brush by Twoxs

Introduces the brush ability to Survival Mode in a balanced way.


A mod about generating diamonds and emeralds.

Survive for 7 Days by kegare

Can you survive for 7 days?


This mod adds elements for survival as a mob, weapons, food etc... is Inspired to fallout. It still has some bugs, in fact I created it with Mcreator (I do not know to program in Java / Eclipse)

Sushi Mod by Exline

Example placeholder mod.

Sushi Pets! by Robert

Tame, name and interact with your favorite Living Sushi! Also Craft Sushi to learn more Sushi Skills. Much thanks to Victoria and Melanie for their support and helpful suggestions and for putting up with my neurosis. Check out victoria's YouTube at

Suspended Server by Blargerist, superckl

Suspends the server while no players are online.

SwKillDeathMod by harogen_

/swKd playerName , /allKd , /swSettings


This is a mod.. lol...


Adds Donuts And Stuffs Dood :)