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adds Super Items to minecraft

SuperJedi's Obsidian Mod by SuperJedi224

Example placeholder mod.

SuperMiner by Riku17777

Super Miner is vein Mining mod. use forge oredict.

SuperMiner CORE by DuelMonsterMC

SuperMiner by DuelMonsterMC.

SuperMiner Captivator by DuelMonsterMC

SuperMiner Captivator by DuelMonsterMC.

SuperMiner Excavator by DuelMonsterMC

SuperMiner Excavator by DuelMonsterMC.

SuperMiner Illuminator by DuelMonster

SuperMiner Illuminator by DuelMonster.

SuperMiner Lumbinator by DuelMonsterMC

SuperMiner Lumbinator by DuelMonsterMC.

SuperMiner Shaftanator by DuelMonster

SuperMiner Shaftanator by DuelMonster.

SuperMiner Substitutor by DuelMonster

SuperMiner Substitutor by DuelMonster.

SuperMiner Veinator by DuelMonsterMC

SuperMiner Veinator by DuelMonsterMC.


This mod add all mob costumes and the powers in minecraft

SuperOres for Minecraft 1.12.2 by FireFox8821, MCreator

This mod adds a few blocks that increases ore drops!


Super Snel Mine


This is an example mod


This is an example mod


This is an example mod