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SpringFestival by CovertDragon Team

A mod about Chinese Lunar New Year ~

Sproing by Azmarok

Sproing when trees grow!

Sprout Patcher by Mordenkainen

Patcher to fix bugs in Sprout Mods.


Download this mod to be the best and most proffessional mod in town!

Spyeedy's Double Jump mod by

Allows you to double jump

Spyeedy's Shop App by Spyeedy

Adds in a shop app to the laptop in the Device Mod

Squake by squeek

Quake-style movement in Minecraft.

Square Buckets by Stucuk

Adds Square Buckets. Why would you want any other shape?

Squash by ochotonida

Anvils squash things!

Squeedometer by squeek

A speedometer.

Squickens by cocoavalley