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Shrooms! Mod by Sartharis

Say, wouldn't it be great, if underground you could find caves filled with glowing mushrooms? Well, this mod will add exactly that! This mod will generate new mushroom caves in your world!

Shucky Blocks by Dagarath

Shuckydarn, Schmucky LuckyBlock 5.1.0 cheaters.

Shulker Armor by zr2


Shulker Drops by polGamer29

Backports Shulker Shells & Boxes so you don't lose pickups.

Shulker Tooltip by ZephaniahNoah

Displeys the contents of a shulkerbox as a tooltip

ShulkerBoxViewer by Dazo66

Show ShulkerBox

Shulkerbox by Max Henkel


Shur'tugal by Iamshortman, Miners_Mod

Bringing Eragon Dragon Riders to minecraft

Shurgent's TFCTech Addon by §6Shurgent§r

§bCustom integration and additional items for TFC + Tech-mods fusion. Base for the TFCTech Modpack (in future).

Shut The F Up by Six-One-Three

Background music is annoying.


This Mod is in Alpha

SiberiaMod by iZerus

This mod makes Minecraft the way it should be: complex, severe, moderately realistic and not forgiving mistakes. Feel the real survival mode!

Side Slabs by danielm59, TheDCPlaya

Added vanilla slabs placeable on their sides

Sidebar Hider by dewgs

Just hides your sidebar in-game.

SidebarMod by dewgs

Lets you do custom shit to your sidebar.

Sided Buffer by pome

Adds some block from some old mods.