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Mods that add recipe for the nether star

StartFight by Galli24

Le mod de StartFight.

Starter Kit by ValkyrieofNight

StarterSettings by Ionaru

Sets specific settings on first-launch

Starting Inventory by __Sirloin__

Players receive a custom inventory when joining the game for the first time. Use the /setStartingInventory command to use your inventory as the template.

StartingInventory by DaftPVF, bspkrs

Allows you to define a list of items that will be given to the player when starting new worlds.

smp tweak util opensource

Starvation Ahoy by mincrmatt12, dmf444

Starvation Ahoy by mincrmatt12 and dmf444. This mod will make people hungrier, faster. We are not responsible for immediate death by hunger.

Stat-Trakâ„¢ Forge Weapons by Trentv4

Adds an enchantment and item to apply patented Stat-Trakâ„¢ technology to all of your equipment!

Statclock by Lucidas

Give stats to your tools! Teamfortress 2's 'strange' functions in Minecraft!'

States by FEX___96

The States Mod

Static Power by Amine Sebastian


Stats Detector Mod by Foeskes

A simple mod that adds items that allows you to get information about a boss or a mob your fighting.

Stats Keeper by Terrails

Save all the stats!

Statue by gegy1000

Show your Tabula and Qubble models to the world in the form of a block!


Create statues out of various blocks