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Set Bonus by Laike_Endaril

Inspired by Diablo 2 and Terraria, lets you define custom equipment sets that give attribute modifiers or potion effects

Set Effect by Lemons

Add effects to the player when wearing a full armour set

SetNow by TehNut

Simple mod to set your bed spawn at any time of day

SevTweaks by artdude543

Adds tweaks/mod compact when CrT does not support it.


Mod de minerios


Mod inspirated by 7 days to die game.


Alpha 3 version of this mod.


This is an example mod


This is were you can start to troll people!

Sextiary Sector by シフト (Shift)


Sexy Menu Mod by RANKTW

RANKTW's Sexy Menu Mod.

Shader Key by bl4ckscor3

Adds a keybinding to change shaders quickly without needing to open the menu.