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Spawn Temple

Creates a temple at World Spawn for safe spawning


The SpawnChecer draw informations to ingame of mob spawn points, slime chunks and the MobSpawner.

SpawnController by maru

You can control spawning monsters!

SpawnEggCraft_basemod by fxz

Craft spawn_eggs!

SpawnEggDropsMod by culegooner


SpawnHere by CJ Miller (cjm721)

Adds a block which mobs will spawn on more CPU efficiently then vanilla spawning

SpawnRejector by Azel


SpawnTweaks by minaduki

Edit Spawn List!

Spawnable Fluids by jordsta95

Small mod that adds tools to spawn source blocks of fluids that do not flow


A mod that allows you to craft mobs

Spawner Breaking mod by IvanSteklow

You have a power of Spawner Breaking

Spawner Torch by alice

Can you stop working mob spawner? Can you keep working mob spawner without player? Try it!

SpawnerControl by Pyrofab

A mod to customise spawners behaviour