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Surface Quartz

Adds quartz ore to the overworld, useful for when you don't have access to the Nether.

Surplus Tools by vBaZaaR

Because there aren't enough tools already!.

Surtugal by Iamshortman, Miners_Mod

Bringing Eragon Dragon Riders to minecraft


Designed to add items and tools built for survarium modpacks.


Mod for survey without passive mob

Survival Additions by CrimsonDawn45

Survival Command Blocks by Lothrazar

Craftable command blocks that are restricted out of editing in all gamemodes.

Survival Command Blocks by Classic_Tim

A simple mod which adds the ability to craft and use Command Blocks in survival mode. You still need to be OP and commands/command blocks need to be enabled.

Survival Fly by Tminor1

Allows you to fly in survival mode.

Survival Industry by jeffpengMC

The core mod of Survival Industry that adds relevant progression changes to the game

Survival Industry by reteo, Dulciphi, jeffpengMC

This is the core mod of the Survival Industry Modpack. It takes care of a multitude of changes to the game. This mod was loaded by Javascript MOD Loader

Survival Industry by Reteo

This is the core mod of the Vanilla Beyond Modpack. It tweaks the game to maximize features without changing its mechanics. This mod was loaded by Javascript MOD Loader

Survival Industry: Flint Chisel by jeffpeng

Adds a chisel to the game that is made of flintstone.

Survival Industry: Low Grade Steel by jeffpeng

Adds low grade steel to the game. This steel can be made in the RotaryCraft furnace and is compatible to most mod steel, but cannot be used as HSLA Steel.