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Subswitch by ArloTheEpic, MCreator

Switch up that underground, Ben.

Subterranean Crops by Kzd1, alias: cosmicblock

Adds subterranean crops that can be found in dwarven farm plots buried deep underground

Subterranean Switcheroo by ArloTheEpic, MCreator

Switches up the underground, making it a little more interesting. Version numbers are a social construct.

SubterreneanSwitcheroo by ArloTheEpic, MCreator

Make that underground a little more exciting

Subway Resturant by OMGitsMiniMe

This is the Subway Resturant Mod by OMGitsMiniMe.


Adding useful commands, blocklogging and custom drops

Sugar Infused Blocks by GreenConsole

Adds blocks that speed entities up. Can also be used for aesthetic purposes.


Sugar make with Sugar wheat.

Suggestion by OBCLetter

Implements chosen suggestions from the minecraft forums


Adds the Sugi tree, and related blocks.

SugiForest by kegare

Adds the Sugi tree, related blocks, items, and the Sugi Forest biome.


Try the secret dimension


Simply Sulfur

Sulfur Torches by coderbot16

Adds Sulfur Torches like the ones in old XyCraft