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Smart HUD by InsomniaKitten

A dynamic HUD for displaying inventory items.

Smart Hoppers by The_Wabbit

Smart hoppers for compact storage systems. Smart hoppers can auto-filter, auto-pack, auto-craft, and even recycle your items as they move through.

Smart Moving

The Smart Moving mod provides various additional moving possibilities: * Climbing only via gaps in the walls * Climbing ladders with different speeds depending on ladder coverage and/or neighbour blocks * Alternative animations for flying and falling * Climbing along ceilings and up vines * Jumping up & back while climbing * Configurable sneaking * Alternative swimming * Alternative diving * Alternative flying * Faster sprinting * Side & Back jumps * Charged jumps * Wall jumping * Head jumps * Crawling * Sliding

Smart Moving Ladder Registry by KotoroShinoto

Allows registration of vines and ladders so smart moving recognizes them

Smart Render

Replaces the vanilla render model for the player with a much more useable one: * implement better animations with less code * attach additional renderers wherever you want * only worry about the animations of your own renderers

SmartTech by ProxCentauri

Expanding your technology to a new level!

Smarter Saplings by Lothrazar

Saplings plant themselves when despawning. Saplings only grow in their native biomes, otherwise the eventually turn to dead bushes.

Smash Bats NE by Tsuteto, kegare


Smelly by Buuz135

Makes mobs follow you depending the items in your inventory

Smelting Overhaul by Badgerable

A mod that adds faster furnaces!