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SidebarMod by dewgs

Lets you do custom shit to your sidebar.

Sided Buffer by pome

Adds some block from some old mods.

Siege Craft GUI

Craft assist MOD for Siege

Siege Mode by Mevans

A server-side mod designed to facilitate sieges and other events for servers running the Lord of the Rings Mod.


SigaraMod RUS edition. Decorotive mod for Minecraft 1.7.10, with ciggarets moddel

Siggy's Mod

A mod that I (Siggy) will use for testing, and possibly achieving something even remotely useful!

SighCraft by Necrogami


Sign Button by gigaherz

Adds a clickable redstone sign

Sign Post by Gollorum

signpost mod.


See the website for detailed information on this mod!

SignEditor by FabioZumbi12

Simple tool to edit sign lines.

SignPicture by Kamesuta

The sign tells us how beautiful it is!

Signal-Catcher by Baughn

Catches signals and exits cleanly.