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Silicio by LatvianModder

Silicon Mod by dlevack

A mod to add silicon to minecraft.

Silimatics by WireSegal, Eladkay

Lenses for your face.

Silk Spawners by themodpackmaker,micahlaster98~EvilNotchTeam && Choonster~VariousAssists

Makes Spawners Drop With Silk Touch Supports NEI, AoA, DivineRPG

Silk Spawners by SuperJedi224

Silk touch spawners.

SilkCore by TheSilkMiner

Mod required to run all TheSilkMiner's Mods

SilkMaps - Core by TheSilkMiner



Make Silk Touch work with any block type

Silky Hoe by StarSheep

A small mod that allows to plough up dirt through crops.

Silva by SoundLogic

Silva is an addon for Botania

Silver Mod by DJBlooky, MCreator

ChangeLOG : fixed missing textures

Silver Stuff by arad11, MCreator

added new stuff

SilverFishTorchMod by Rushmead

a Mod I made For GeekTech