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Similsax Transtructors by Vorquel

Now you can place blocks *behind* the block you click on!

Simon's Mod by Simon

A mod where I, Simon, add things to minecraft that I see fit.

Simon's SkyFactory 2 Additions by SimonPrinz

Does what it says.

Simple AFK by ExampleDude

Simple mod which adds the ability to do /afk, informing your friends that you are indeed AFK!

Simple Additions

A mod which includes a few things that seemed like they would be kind of fun.

Simple Arsenic and Old Lace by akkamaddi, Sinhika

Addition of Arsenic, Arsenide Bronze, and Arsenide Gold, as well as Lace Shrouds. Fusion Furnace plug-in

Simple Auth by Mordraug

Lightweight Auth mod for forge!

Simple Barrels by Workshopcraft

This mod adds Simple Barrels to Minecraft.

Simple Bedding by mallrat208

Simple Beds for your Inner Animal

Simple Bedrolls by Konlii

Simple Builder by astronomy

Architecture with algorithm in a file.

Simple Chunks by DarkMorford

A simple chunkloader mod.

Simple Clay Bucket by reteo

Adds clay bucket that can hold water, milk, and lava. That is all. This mod was loaded by JMOD