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SpiderEyeOre by OvercomeBus4316, MCreator


SpiderEyeOre.0.1.2 by OvercomeBus4316, MCreator

Enter short description here

SpiderEyeOre.0.1.4 by OvercomeBus4316, MCreator

Spiderman Homecoming Mod by Huntrex, MCreator

Become the Spiderman


Fügt einige Spideytools hinzu!


adds a machine injuring mobs, and a slingshot

Spiked Foods by Akrivus

Spiked Foods is a simple and ingenious mod that extends and improves vanilla potion mechanics by adding the ability to spike food items. With this mod, you'll have the power to assassinate your enemies, add a whole new level to roleplaying, enhance edible items like golden apples, pull pranks on friends, and so much more!

Spin To Win by rafradek

Bring your best Garen experience

Spindle by EMX

Create pixel art directly from web images!


This is an example mod

Spinning Wheel Mod by Gamblerrur

§l Now you can spin 1 block of wool into 4 string!

Spiral Power Mod by Rohzek

Mod inspired by Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

SpitWaterMelonSeeds by eyeq