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Simple Portables by konwboj

Portable stuff!

Simple Portals by TheLordofMelons

A small addon for Simple Dimensions

Simple Protection by Ellpeck

A Minecraft that allows server admins to configure certain areas to allow and disallow certain things.

Simple Random Stuff by Blue_Monster122

A Simple mod that adds a few simple random stuffs.

Simple Recycling by immibis

Allows you to turn tools back into ingots or dusts.

Simple Refinement by FyberOptic

Adds a little refinement to your metals.

Simple Retrogen

Simple Retrogen for mods using IWorldGenerator to generate their world stuff.

Simple Scaled Mobs by pilotofsomething

Gives mobs a level based on the distance from (0, 0) they spawn. Increases stats based on that level.

Simple Shelves by JT9/Solis_Nova

Cool way to store your items!

Simple Shotgun by theishiopian

This is a proof of concept for a simple vanilla style firearm

Simple Sky Grid Utilities by Vorquel

A helper mod for Simple Sky Grid

Simple SkyBlock Addon

This is one of the simplest addon to the SkyBlock map. Fully compatible with NEI. It only adds a possible way to craft any kind of block when You're playing on SkyBlock map. Try kill mobs and get needed drops. Ideas: MegaDominik

Simple Sneak by canelex

Custom mod for jdegoederen.

Simple Spawner Block's by Testure, MCreator

Adds blocks that spawn mobs when right clicked