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Spongy Island

A skyblock plugin for sponge


SpongyChest is a plugin that utilizes Chests to make in-game item shops for players to sell items to each other!

SpongyCord by pie_flavor

A simple wrapper API for Bungee.

Spontaneous Collection by BlueAgent

For learning how to mod Minecraft, and for testing new ideas.

SpookyCraft by UpcraftLP, EPIIC_THUNDERCAT, Subaraki

SpookyCraft Mod


This is a spooky addon for lucky block

Spoon Mod by Player In Distress

Adding spoons to Minecraft!


The traditional addons for our let' play! server

Sporks Mod by DestinySpork

Adds sporks.

Sports mod by nico910

Add balls to play basketball, football, tennis and baseball

SportsMod by nico910

Sports Mod add balls to play Basketball, Football, Tennis and Baseball

SpotifyMod by Fyu

Spotify integration for Minecraft

Sprawlydragon by Cynthian Conspiracy

Various pack-specific things for the Sprawlydragon pack.

Spring Boards by Nick Lanam

Adds springs of various strengths to break falls and launch players into the air.