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Add a bunch of new things to Minecraft with new tools, blocks, items and a new entire dimension.


ゆっくり実況をしているサフィンが作成しているMODです。 小物やレシピ追加がメインです。


This is an SahyungSu mod

Sailcraft by Spadly

Create ships and sail them!


Cool Sails for the Ships Mod


Saint Seiya Mod!!!

Saiyan Invasion by 33kingkiller

A mod that adds a few new DBZ items / entities.


A mod that adds in many new things to the game!

Salradahn's collectibles by Salradahn

A mod containing various collectible items to spice up exploration in the game.

Salt Mod by WeaselBuilds, MrPonyCaptain

The one and only salty mod.

SaltAndAlabaster by defeatedcrow

Salt and Alabaster!

SaltyAdditions by canitzp

This is an Addon Mod for Salty Mod, that adds Food of ActuallyAdditions.

SamCore by samtrion

Base Library for mods written by samtrion.

Same Interval Torch

Same Interval Torch

Same Interval Torch by ecru

Same Interval Torch