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Shelf by MrIbby, Risugami

Ever wanted to store your items in a way you can see them? Here you go. This block allows you to add up to 9 items to it and the items you put in are shown in the world. Recipe is: P - P P P = Planks, - = Nothing

SheltersMod by No_eru334

Add Very Very HardBlocks

ShetiPhian-Core by ShetiPhian

Core set of files needed by ShetiPhians mods

Shield by yousui115

Shield Ability Up.

Shield Hider by big_Xplosion

Makes shields less intrusive

Shield Machine Mod by SOL Crafters

This is the mod for you to break blocks easily!

Shield Parrying by Drullkus

Parry Projectiles with your shield!


A Mod with little Dogs

Shin Seiki Mod by SecondImpact

Does the things you want it to do


Made the flares 100% canon

Shinsei Mod by The Jackyl

Shinsei is a mod about reusing items and blocks and giving them new life. It also adds a modular machine and tool system.

Shiny Gear by possible_triangle

Creates armor and tools for several gems