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Shard by Nicky, MCreator

Enter short description here

SharpBone by An Sar

Use left over parts for tools or weapons

Sharplay Protection by BaluMonster

Server protection

Sharpness Particles by Javlin

Makes sharpness particles appear upon hitting an enemy, regardless of whether your sword has sharpness or not.


This mod adds unique food!


Sharpness Core Mod

Shatter by iChun

Shatter mod, a general death animation replacer for mobs.

ShatterSkeleton by eyeq



Mod add to the game a juicy and delicious shaurma

ShazenMod by leomelki

Mod de Shazen par leomelki

Shear Madness by AtomicBlom

That thing you've always wanted to do with a chisel.


just add shearable chicken.

Sheeeps! by Zulucap

When sheep go exploring they find useful material that gets trapped in their wool.

Sheep by _jx