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Scrap by mallrat208

Adds Piles of Scrap

Scrap World by fabricator77

Screenshot Browser by Zeitheron

View and manage screenshots within the game.

Screenshot Diary by a3626a, Abastro

Can edit screenshot with texts and notes.

Screenshot Gallery by LatvianModder

Screenshot Mod by canelex

Allows you to upload a screenshot to imgur directly from in-game.

Screenshots Enhanced by UndoRedo

Enhances the behavior of screenshots and adds new functionalities to your ingame experience.

Scroll Mod by BelloDarco and DarkGun1

Powerful scrolls

Scuba Diving by q3hardcore

A continuation of Nandonalt's Scuba Diving.

SculpyCraft by HundredsAnd100s

Design and use your own blocks inside Minecraft. Make everything awesome!

Sea of Plunders by SkullHuntah55

Experience The Pirate Life Like Never Before!


The mo that shows the true power of the sea...

Sealed Glowstone by daPoseidonGuy

This mod adds a glowstone that drops as a block and not dust