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STrade by Sceri

Safe Trade


Gems, blocks, weapons and armor.

SUPER Team Mod by Adam 'Savander' Jaworski

It's very special mod for SUPER team.

SW CRAFT by 200elet, MCreator


SWskillMod by 914554688wyt

SWskillAPI Support MOD

SYMBOLS by thedevil4k, MCreator

Sacrifice to Hephaestus by Ex0594

Adds a block that when clicked with a Flint & Steel will give the player a piece of chain armor.

Sad Violin Death by philip003

Plays the sad violin when you die!

Saddle Stand Mod by Stuntmania, Livid

Allows you to craft block to decorate your stables. Show off your saddles and horse armors!


adds recipes for saddle, horsearmors, nametags, string and leather

Saevar2000 by Saevar2000

A mod that fixes the bucket bug -Made for Badlion :)


A mod created for personal use by me for the mod JSONables.


Adds a safe block that protects items you store in it from other people.

Safe 1.0.0 by safe7229, MCreator

A safe mod