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Simple Sprint by Magnetite

Simple Sprint

Simple Stations by mallrat208

A Replacement Crafting Station for Tinkers Construct that cannot interface with external inventories

Simple Stats by Terandium

An simple cps, ping and fps mod.

Simple Steel by canitzp, Gamer025

Simple Storage

One size-upgradable chest

Simple Strainers by Nov4e

A mod that add simple strainers to the game for help modpack makers to extend their early-game.

Simple Surface Ore Veins by Shadowmaster435, MCreator

Enter short description here

Simple Tinkers Construct Addon by TheOldOne

Adds support for Simple Ores to Tinkers Construct.

Simple Tree Drops by gbui, Morgrim_the_Dark

Simple Tree Farm by BlueMonster122

A mod that simply adds a tree farm

Simple Trophies by quaternary

It adds trophies!

Simple Tubes by oMilkyy

Another mod that adds tubes to Minecraft...and maybe other things???

Simple Usage Log by andrenoel

Log server usage simply and independently. Logs server start and stop, player login and out, and PVP attacks and deaths. The log file SimpleUsageLog.log is located in the server main folder.

Simple Wooden Bucket by reteo

Adds a wooden bucket that can hold water and milk. That's all. This mod was loaded by Javascript MOD Loader

Simple XP Storage by Dark_Lizzy

Provides a simple and straightforward XP storage system using Mana Crystals.

Simple Zoom by ChronoPositron

A very simple mod allowing you to zoom. Nothing more, nothing less.


Automaticly excavate a large area. Powered with IC2-EU energy, can mine area from 4x4 to 32x32 (are must be specified with Landmarks).