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Moar Advancements by Xalcon

Adds paging buttons to the Advancements Menu to allow more than 26 Tabs

Moar Boats by jglrxavpok

Adds more uses to boats!

Moar Tinkers by Bartz24

Adds moar tinker materials!

MoarPeripherals by theoriginalbit

Adds more peripherals to ComputerCraft

MoarRecipes by Hyghlander

Even More Recipes for Minecraft!

MoarSigns by Gory_Moon

A mod that adds a lot of different signs.

MoarSwords by ButterCheetah266

A lot Moar Swords to play around with!



MoarVents by qwertz19281

MoarVents beta

Mob Beacon by Cleverpanda714

Adds a block that will attract animals.

Mob Blacklister by Gareth Jones

Lets you blacklist mobs so they never spawn

Mob Blocker by maxwell-lt

Allows each player to protect a single chunk from hostile mobs, to help out during the first few nights.