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MoarVents by qwertz19281

MoarVents beta

Mob & Block Shifters by Selim_042

Adds tools to easily move mobs & blocks around.

Mob Beacon by Cleverpanda714

Adds a block that will attract animals.

Mob Blacklister by Gareth Jones

Lets you blacklist mobs so they never spawn

Mob Blocker by maxwell-lt

Allows each player to protect a single chunk from hostile mobs, to help out during the first few nights.

Mob Control by Alexiy

Control creature behaviour, enemies, combat

Mob Control Wands by Micmu

6 magic wands to control and enchant mobs permanently: make them silent, stay baby forever, follow you, turn hostile mobs into pets, set them on fire...

Mob Controller by TheAwesomeGem

Fully control and customize how mob spawns.

Mob Death Messages by MultipleMonomials

A look at the mobs' perspective on your killing sprees.

Mob Defensive by 'ForsakenTurkey', 'MCE626'

Defend yourself, dammit!

Mob Detector by hc_00


Mob Drip by Horfius

Mobs will now 'slime' their way if they're caught in blocks.

Mob Drop Exchange Orb by MattDahEpic

Turn types of mob drops into others.

Mob Drop Ores by MattDahEpic

Adds ores to the world that drop mob drops.

Mob Farm by Shadows_of_Fire


Mob Farm by Shadows_of_Fire

Plants that spawn monsters