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This is an example mod

Magispire by Yarwoo, MCreator

Expensive Explosive Spire

Magistics by T145

Logistical magic!

Magitek Mechs by DigiDigi

*Chunk* *Chunk* *Chunk*..

Magiz - Reborn by Zenyl

Minecraft, now with magic!

MagmaPack Mod 1.12.2 by Kyle Xtaybyte, MCreator

Crafted with the most molten materials.

Magnanimous Tools

High tier tools obtained through natural explorative means, with an experienced twist

Magnet Mode Key Bind by Lidar

Test to enable magnet mode

Magnetar Mod by CreepersZ

The Best Mod.

Magnetic by Jotato

Just a magnet

Magneticraft by cout970

Magneticraft energy free

Magnets by itayfeder

Adds a magnet.