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Minetopia RPG by Chris

Minetopia RPG

Minetroid by Eikins, Lifok38

A Metroid Prime's mod for minecraft.

Mineventure Time by issme123, MCreator

This mod adds stuff from Adventure Time to your game.

Minewatch by 2piradians

Overwatch characters in Minecraft.

Mini Creatures

What is this, Minecraft for foxes!?

Mini HUD by masa

Adds some basic information like the coordinates to the screen

Mini players by Lucky_fish20


Add some difficulty to Minecraft

MiniCoal by KiwiFails

Mini Coal and Charcoal


Flat world for games

MiniHeads by Cocanuta

Collectable figurines for your Minecraft world.

MiniInfo by Aycy

MiniMoos by RicardoTheCoder

Adds small cows to the world, they have special abilities

MiniPortal by lavX64

Adds Mini Portal to nether