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Modular Diversity by BordListian

An addon for Modular Machinery

Modular Drills by nhave

Simple Mod about Modular Drills.

Modular Electro-Mechanical Enhancement Systems by Phanta

Electrically-augmented tooling!

Modular Flower Pots by jaquadro

Adds versitile larger flower pots.

Modular Force Field System by Calclavia

Modular Force Field System is a Minecraft mod that adds force fields, defensive systems and world shaping mechanics to Minecraft

Modular Furnace by pauljoda

Build your own furnace!

Modular Machinery by HellFirePvP, wiiv

A modpack-maker toolset to create custom, massive, unique and complex machines and recipes from scratch with JSON.

Modular Machines

Customize your machines

Modular Music! by MrPonyCaptain

Modular Music!

Modular Pipes by LatvianModder

Modular Powersuit Addons

A mod which expands on Modular Powersuits' module options

Modular Routers by desht

Item routers with pluggable modules to define behaviour

Modular Tools by zerofall

Balance your own tools.

Modular Turrets by Poenjabiesous

All a man needs are meat ingots, and big ass turrets. Adds a heap of new turrets and upgrades!