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MionCore by Stefan Wimmer

Provides useful functions

Mirage by Elucent, unascribed, Falkreon

Effects and lighting library.

Mirage Crops by Mirrg Rian

It provides some strange crops.


This is a mod based off of the anime Mirai Nikki, which i do not own any assests of Mirai Nikki.

Mirror by Katrix, Arekkuusu

A rendering library with lot's of fancy effects.

Misc Add by Johnsmith0508, King_INF3RN0

Random things added to minecraft

Misc Additions by chazwarp923

A Collection of Random Things That Don't Need Their Own Mods

Misc Arrows

Adds different arrow types to Minecraft.

Misc Blocks Items and More by Mowmaster

A mod of Misc Tweeks

Misc Configs by MiningMark48

A mod that adds miscellaneous configs.

Misc Junk by server_default

Miscellaneous Junk

Misc MFR circuits by vitzli

misc ICs

Misc Things by Yabdat

Misc Things


Brings misc items to the game