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More Sound Config by ichttt

A mod that expands vanilla's sound options.

More Stairs by Tmzasz

More Stairs and Slabs and other things.

More Storage by DiabolusNeil

A simple mod that adds more types of storage units. Each unit has a special characteristic that separates it from the rest.

More Strenghtened Tools Mod by H_SerhatY

This mod adds powerful tools from a lot of materials!

More Structures by Nightscout01, Qwerty189, and GamingFreak101

This mod adds many diffrent structures to Minecraft.

More Stuff Mod by Call_Me_Boss_01 and TheShadowFreakx

The Best Mod In The Universe Obviously

More Stuff Mod by C_ube_B, MCreator

Adds NPC's Armor and More!

More Stuffs Core by Thomas Aunvik

Creates ALOT of Stuffs.

More Stuffz by Lapisz

Adds More Stuff to the game! Add-ons: Feature coming soon!

More Swords Mod by Darkhax

More Swords Mod provides a magnificent chain of lustrous new swords that expound upon the foundation of Minecraft weaponry. Razor sharp swords of magic as well as stronger, more practical blades!

More Thrilling Mod by a2569875

More Thrilling! Dangerous!! Enjoy :D

More Tools by Jayfeather311

Just as the name entails, it adds more tools to the game.

More Tools Premium by ShanesVLOGS

This Mod Adds A Bunch Of Different Ores And Tools Into The Game Including Armor Look Out For More Editions Of This Mod!.