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adds superpowers to minecraft


Allow you set your home

MyM-WorldDownloader by Knoxz, Idlehumor, Slind

MyMNetherOreAdd by Knoxz

Adding own Ores to WorldGeneration


This is an example mod

MyNamesEly's Random Items Mod by MyNamesEly

This mod adds a bunch of random and funny items to play around with.


This is a mod used for permission stuff!

MyPermissions by Legobear154, AfterWind, Dariusc93

Universial Permission System.


This is an beta mod

MyTown by AlphAest, Legobear154

Adds the possibility to create towns in Minecraft server that protect the players and the player builds.

MyTown 2 by Alpha, Legobear154, AfterWind

Create towns, protect your stuff! Continuation of the original MyTown by Alpha!