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MultiCMD by Selrahc13

Allows multiple commands in command blocks, expands @p and @dp for mods that don't expand them when used with command blocks. Commands are separated by @@. Syntax is: multicmd <speaker name> <command> [@@ command...]

MultiCraft by lukas2005, King of Creepers, Monstahhhh, SkyHawkB

MultiGrower by berryh

The MultiGrower mod. Grow ALL the things!


3 tools in one MultiTool!

MultiToolHolders by A.K.

Add Tool Holders


Muti-Colours of all the wool!

Multiblockstages by SkySom

GameStages support for MultiBlocks

Multicandy Mod by Shizaku

Minecraft mod.

Multidimensional Ores by Hlaaftana

A mod that generates a whole lot of ores in all vanilla dimensions.

Multifarm Crops by mallrat208

Allows Forestry Multifarms to Harvest Agricraft Crops

Multimeters by CJMinecraft

Adds multimeters which can view details about tile entities without opening a GUI.