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McDowellCraft by zeebits

My humble experiment, definately WiP.


Adds some essential crafting recipes

McJtyLib by McJty

McJtyLib library for RFTools, Deep Resonance, ...


This RPG mod is my take on the RPG mod genre.

McTimer by Gigabit101


This mod adds cool elements to minecraft


Adds some more uses for the cocoa bean, just don't it eat it hot!

Meals by meew0

A mod that adds configurable food.

opensource food util tweak

MeanMobs by creepersgalore

Adds mobs and edits vanilla mob AI.

Mechanical Soldiers by The_Fireplace

Adds mechanical soldiers to Overlord

Mechanics Mod by cdkrot, Pfaeff

Mechanics Mods - Pfaeffs mods enhanced and brought to you by cdkrot. Version 1.6.4 :: 4.0