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Maple Items by JayGhoul

Mod that adds in misc items used for making RPGs and other storyline games.

MapleTree by ecru


Mapmaker's Gadgets

Useful utilities for mapmakers.

Mapwriter Entity Radar

Entity Radar for the mapwriter mod.

Mapwriter Entity Radar by Vectron

Entity Radar for the mapwriter mod.

Marble by goldenapple

A mod all about decoration and some other stuff.

Marble Blocks by Kerberos


Marble Mod by iRequire

Adds decorative marble to the game.

Mariculture by joshiejack

~ Maritime Complex ~ Adds expanded fishing, new fish, oceans to explore, machines to assist, sea magic and more

Marine Technlogy

Expands Mariculture, adding Higher tech Solutions to problems you may face

Mario Death

Game over!

Mario Mod 2

Adds a bunch of items and blocks from various Mario games!

Mario and Luigi Block Brothers Mod by MMG, RevanFilms28, MCreator

Mario is here! Programer:MMG Helper: RevanFilms28 Engine:Mcreator Mario Rights Owner: Nintendo


Adds craftable Mario Brick.


This mod adds items and blocks from Mario Kart!