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Many More Ores by Also, Anonymous, And Dimesional

Adds alot of ores.

Many Systems by gug2, Rio192

Attention! Many Systems does not work without Galacticraft 3

ManyBabies by eyeq



A Spoonquest addon that allows multiple dimensions in minecraft


This mod adds MANY MANY zombies to da game.


This is an example mod

Map Making Tools by ProPercivalalb

Very useful for making custom adventure maps.


If you can't resist walking to every corner of the world in games for no other purpose than filling your map, then this is the mod for you.


Maple Items by JayGhoul

Mod that adds in misc items used for making RPGs and other storyline games.

MapleTree by ecru


Mapmaker's Gadgets

Useful utilities for mapmakers.

Mapwriter Entity Radar

Entity Radar for the mapwriter mod.

Mapwriter Entity Radar by Vectron

Entity Radar for the mapwriter mod.