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Mario Death

Game over!

Mario Mod 2

Adds a bunch of items and blocks from various Mario games!

Mario and Luigi Block Brothers Mod by MMG, RevanFilms28, MCreator

Mario is here! Programer:MMG Helper: RevanFilms28 Engine:Mcreator Mario Rights Owner: Nintendo


Adds craftable Mario Brick.


This mod adds items and blocks from Mario Kart!




This is an example mod

Markdown Chat by DarkEnchanter1

A mod that makes chat use markdown formatting.

Marker Mod by SonarBeserk

Provides a system for marking maps

Market by TimeTheCat


MarketCompanion by Dasfaust

Forge companion mod for GlobalMarket

Mars by Frinn

Add Skyland world generator for the overworld.

Marvel Craft Universe Mod by iEquinoxSoldier

The Marvel Craft Universe Mod, this mod helps recreate your favorite dreams of becoming super heroes or villains in Minecraft. Whether you want to save the world or destroy it this is the mod for all comic book fans.


This adds 1 type of food: the breadfish.