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MCHeli Parts by Flenix

Lots of parts used in modified MCHeli recipes.


This mod makes vanilla mobs stick together in herds. These herds then slowly repopulate themselves. Also, zombies. Thank you to all the people trying my mod. That means you!

MCJARM Prototype by Solra Bizna

Cobbled-together demo of JARM architecture for OpenComputers

MCL Zoom Mod by Ky

Private zoom mod for AJ

MCLink by Dries007

Automatic subscriber whitelist management

MCMBTools by Deoda

Useful tools for building with microblocks

MCMMO - Forge by lSoleyl

Minecraft MMO Mod

MCMP-1 by ‚Â‚Ä‚Æ (Tsuteto)

A portable music player allows you to dub the music you like and listen with the player in the Minecraft world. Go out and carry around music in the wide Minecraft world.

MCMatter by syoudai55551



New Crafs and new Mods This is MCMod!!!