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messagealerter by boomboompower

§bPlay a sound when someone messages you



mimg's More blocks by ici2cc, szszss


mimic18 by Lothrazar

Mimics SOME of the 1.8 content in 1.7.10. Wood coloured doors, fences, and fence gates, prismarine blocks, sea lanterns, iron trapdoor, diorite, andesite, granite. Also slime blocks that do not really bounce or work with pistons the way they should.


This is an example mod

minecraftIO by dmf444 hook for minecraft forge

minecraft_1.12.2_Black Desert_MOD by PC58994990, MCreator

minecraft_1.12.2_Black Desert_MOD


This mod adds cool elements [changelog: added black Diamond -craftable and smetable but no ore for it YET, added ruby and ore too, fixed bug where old textures were implemented.] GOT SUPPORT ON SOME OF THE NEW TEXTURES AND ITEMS FROM ethonet, he is a new developer on the team! Possible features for Next Update Black Diamond tools, weapons- confirmed Cloud Block- possible Day and Night Changer GUI With block- wouldn’t count on it, pretty unlikely Emerald tools, weapons and tools- Certainly Possible, I don’t see why not Bubblegum- 50%


This mod is not fully complete its in alpha.