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Mod Info Lister by noahc3

Tool for modpack creators. Exports mod information such as names, versions, authors, etc to a CSV file in ./ModInfoLister/modlist.csv

Mod Inspector by mike

Extracts various game data.

Mod List Dumper by UntouchedWagons

Writes the list of installed mods to the standard output.

Mod Lister by Vazkii

A mod that lists mod. Whenever you load the game, this mod creates a file with the mods you have loaded and info about them,

Mod M by TinouHD, Burning

Mod in DEV

Mod Manager by Mimus

Simple manager de Mod

Mod Name Tooltip by mezz

Show the ItemStack's mod on its tooltip.

Mod Namecns by shwarma, MCreator


Mod Power Game by Folgansky

Only created for Power Game

Mod Suffercraft by Azword

Mod développé par Azword pour Suffercraft.

Mod Survivant by elx9000

Le mod ultime de la survie