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MicroUkr by Yorri

Ukrainian Mod (national folk themes).

MidFagFood by Bioxx, Dunkleosteus, Kittychanley

Survival Mode as it should have been.

Midas by Torquebolt

Turn trees to gold.

Middle-Earth Extras by Sangarin

Extra content for Middle-Earth


debut du seigneur des anneaux

MidiOut by icret

Midnight by Martacus, Gegy, cipherzerox, Endergized, Lachney

A spooky biome

MiestrokesMod by Fyu , Edit Mie

Shows your keystrokes ingame.

MightyEnderChicken by iChun


MightyLoot by Arckenver

A treasurehunt-like sponge plugin.

Mike Addon by mike_ultimate2

its an addon for kagic mod.

Mike Dongles by MrAmericanMike

Mike Dongles mod.

Mike's Mods Lib by pkmnfrk

A base dependency for all of Mike's Mods.


This mod is going to add tons of new items that are going to help you in the gameplay. This mod adds 3 new dimensions, 3 new mobs, lots of new wepons and armor!


This is an example mod