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More Food Mod 2, reamke of More Food Mod


Polski mod dodaj┬╣cy nowe jedzenie i picie do Minecraft!

MoreFoodStuff by mercedesforlife, MCreator


MoreFuel by andylizi

MoreGen by Goldorion, MCreator

MoreGen add more biomes, new plants, and new mobs.


Linkseyi's ModMaker


This is a working progress mod

MoreHorror by Made a by BaconRocks777 aka BaconRocks77

IO Horror

MoreItems Mod by iPixelArchitekt

A Mod, who add many Items.

MoreMeat 2 by Fearitude

This mod adds a huge variety of new meat items that drop from existing animals. It also adds the very useful Meat Machine, a capturing and slaughtering device, as well as all items previously in the BetterWheat mod.

MoreMisc by Alian7911

A mod adding