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Magic Box Mod by ASHninja1997

The Magic Box is a machine that randomly gives you any survival based materials(naturaly found or crafted). A mod made to enhance the concept of random events.

Magic Chocolates by ZomDev

Magic Sweet !

Magic Clover by konwboj

Clover is random drop from grass. When you SHIFT+RightClick it, random item (or block) will be dropped on the ground in front of you. This item works in dispenser! This item is food, you can eat it!

Magic Cobblestone by Kriogenic, NanoSpriggan

A mod to see how much your willing to mine

Magic Crusade by Toss, Gelbar

Magic Crusade is RPG mod, made to be play online with friends.

Magic Cubed

A mod which adds magic, by combining elements on the go in a handy way!

Magic Currency Books by KingReaperTheI, Slayer1938

A Mod Which Can Be Used In Custom NPC's And Ars Magica 2 In Your Mods Folder Together As Currency

Magic Energy by karelmikie3

A mod that's all around magical energy.

Magic Feather by Ephys

A feather that gives you creative flight near beacons.

Magic Ink Mod by DamiS, DrSiro

Add in world some inks. Ores. Seeds.

Magic Lights by Flayr

Adds the Staff of Light, which allows you to create invisible light sources.

Magic Material by Play Dash, MCreator

Adds magic. And magic.

Magic Muffins by Dark_Lizzy

Why drink potions when you can eat Magic Muffins instead? Yummy!

Magic Plugin

New Lances with great Features!

Magic Rings Mod by jshreder

It's a pretty simple mod. I've taken the basic idea of Swiftwolf's Rending Gale from Equivalent Exchange 2 and have made it run off of hunger, along with some aesthetic changes, and the fact that it can be anywhere in your inventory, not just your hotbar. When you fly, instead of using the EMC system, if slowly takes away your hunger. If you are really hungry, you will not be able to fly anymore. It also prevents any fall damage. Aesthetically, it's a silver ring that turns gold and gets the enchantment-glow when flying.

Magic Stick Block by hamzahatkic, MCreator

Enter short description here

Magic Storage by Beamfield

Get your own magic storage