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Mod Debug World Type by Darkhax

Adds modids to debug mode.

Mod Downloader by KewaiiGamer

This most will create a config where you can write the url for the mods you want to download when the game starts

Mod Dream Craft by DreamMasterXXL

Core mod for the DCraft pack.

Mod FeedTheMichel by MrBenji285

Mod ajoutant une monnaie, le FTMCoin, qui peut être échangé contre des items.

Mod Info Finder by Horfius

A simple idea I had and made, enjoy! If you have ideas or things you'd want to see from these files, but don't, please leave a message on the thread!

Mod Info Lister by noahc3

Tool for modpack creators. Exports mod information such as names, versions, authors, etc to a CSV file in ./ModInfoLister/modlist.csv

Mod Inspector by mike

Extracts various game data.

Mod List Dumper by UntouchedWagons

Writes the list of installed mods to the standard output.

Mod Lister by Vazkii

A mod that lists mod. Whenever you load the game, this mod creates a file with the mods you have loaded and info about them,

Mod M by TinouHD, Burning

Mod in DEV

Mod Manager by Mimus

Simple manager de Mod

Mod Name Tooltip by mezz

Show the ItemStack's mod on its tooltip.

Mod Name fire by Marfin, MCreator

Enter short description here

Mod Namecns by shwarma, MCreator